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Selling a home takes time, knowledge and an expert in negotiation. As highly professional and experienced Realtors® , we'll progress along the entire sales process with you, from the very first steps to the moment you close the deal - and beyond. Get in touch to start selling your property with Prestino.

Get a FREE analysis of your home! Find out your home value, home equity, refinance and mortgage reduction and much more!

Suburb Houses

Did you know?

Digital remains the fastest growing advertising categories.

1.9 Billion monthly active users on Facebook

3.5 Billion daily searches on Google

Your potential home buyer is far less likely to be paying attention to a billboard, TV ad, Radio ad, or any print media. They are currently browsing the internet and it's our job to place your property where they can see it and perfectly package it!

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Complete Marketing Solution

We work with a team of experts to utilize the most effective advancements in programming, digital marketing.  This way, your property gets viewed by people who can afford to buy it NOW.

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Outstanding Service

We know how important your property is and this is why you can trust our team of dedicated agents to have your best interest at heart. Our agents are the best and most trained in the industry and have built their careers doing whatever it takes to identify the right buyers and land the best deals for each and every one of our clients. More than that, our agents are hardworking researchers who leverage relevant information to raise the demand for your property.

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Transparency and Integrity

We are committed to keeping you informed about all relevant aspects of the sale process - from buyer generation to the closing and beyond. 

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